Freeskiing Program

Formerly known as the Freeride team. USSA adopted the term Freeskiing to encompass the sports of Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Skier Cross. The Freeskiing program is designed for skiers with diverse backgrounds and broad competition interests. It is a flexible program tailored to bring skiers together who want to experience the benefits of coaching and improve as athletes. The program aims to develop well-rounded skiers and foster a team atmosphere within multiple competition disciplines.

2017-18 Freeskiing Program Guide [PDF]

ASC Freeskiing is one single program with distinct levels of discipline within it. There is a freeride development group recommended for skiers coming up from Devos / Mighty Mites, or switching from Juniors who are interested in freeride / freeskiing. There is a 12-14 age group of freeride athletes recommended for highly motivated skiers interested in Freeride as a competitive sport.And there is a 15-18 age group of freeride athletes strictly for highly motivated skiers interested in competitive freeride skiing. Athletes interested in the competitive team within the Freeskiing Program are expected to compete in a minimum of 3 freeride competitions each season.

Freeskiing U14 – U19 | Full Time

  • Saturday - Sunday | Alyeska Resort
  • Program Cost - $1,200
  • Recommendation – Recommended for highly motivated athletes who are interested in Freeskiing as a competitive sport, enjoy the benefits of a team environment, and want to improve as freeskiers. These athletes will have placed their intent to compete in at least 1 out-of-state Freeskiing competition.
  • Includes – Winter Break Camp