Alpine Committee

The Alpine Committee works directly with the Alpine Director to develop plans, strategies and policies which advance the club’s programs; assist ASC in improving the quality and effectiveness of its programs; advance operations of Alpine sports; and support club-wide events. The committee reports through the Alpine Director to the ASC Board of Directors and follows all guidelines as specified in ASC’s Bylaws for the structure of committees. The Committee is scheduled to meet Fall, Mid-Winter, and Spring; additional meetings on specific issues can be called by the Alpine Director.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute the sport expertise that advances the mission of the Alyeska Ski Club.
  • Evaluate programs and assess program offerings annually.
  • Assess program fees, program capacities and funding allocation for programs.


  • Alpine Committee Chair/Alpine Director - Scott Zahn
    • Alpine Committee Secretary - Roberta Carney
  • ASC Executive Director - Lara Hildreth
  • Finance Committee Chair - Morten Kjerland
  • Mighty Mites Program Representative - Clint Lentfer
  • Master Program Representative - Carl Swanson
  • DEVOS Program Representative - Peggy Finnegan
  • Freeskiing Program Representative - Alex Else
  • USSA AK Division Representative - Lex Patten
  • UAA Ski - Sparky Anderson
  • Leslie Ann Schweiger - U12 Parent Coordinator
  • Brian Hartman - U14 Parent Coordinator
  • Colleen Kane - U16 Parent Coordinator
  • Kurt Eriksson - U19 Parent Coordinator
  • Alyeska Resort Operations - TBD
  • At large Representatives – As Needed for Specific Issues